Adidas eyewear, from Silhouette to Marcolin

Adidas, from Silhouette to Marcolin

Silhouette International has ended its partnership with sports brand Adidas to launch its own premium sports eyewear brand later this year.

New Zealand Adidas distributor, Euro-Optics’ Carl Doherty, said he will continue to sell Adidas eyewear in 2019 and hopefully in 2020 and beyond. He didn’t foresee any disruption to the New Zealand market, he said.

“As stated in the official press release on June 25th, Marcolin has been announced as the new eyewear partner for Adidas and there is a selection process for distribution partners that we respect and are following. Given our previous sales history, distribution network and experience with the Adidas brand, we very much want to continue to be the distributor in New Zealand. Once a decision is finalised this will be communicated.”

But for the moment it’s business as usual, he said. “We will continue to offer Adidas in our sun-Rx programmes for summer 2019 and we’ll be issuing new Adidas sunglasses to the All Blacks in July. The New Zealand Rowing Team were issued with new sunglasses in May. There will be no effect on practices due to the change and end consumers should not even be aware of it.”

All of the current Adidas range can be sold and Euro Optics has invested in additional stock cover for this summer season, said Doherty. “Spare parts for the current Adidas products will still be available from the manufacturer until the end of 2021 and we will also purchase spare parts to use beyond 2021.”

Silhouette’s new sports eyewear range is being designed and developed at its Austrian headquarters in Linz and its first premium sports collection is expected to be launched in central Europe later this year, with no plans for sales in New Zealand.

In a statement, Marcolin said its designed and developed Adidas Badge of Sport and Originals brands will be sold from 2020. “Innovative manufacturing techniques, high-quality materials and lightness characterise the Adidas Badge of Sport eyewear models… designed to provide a comfortable fit, ensuring the ultimate vision and lens protection. The Originals collection will be inspired by street culture and loyal to the DNA of the Adidas Originals Brand, sharing values of creativity and authenticity,” said Massimo Renon, CEO of Marcolin Group. “We are very excited to begin collaborating with a legendary brand as Adidas. This agreement marks Marcolin Group’s targeted company strategy: to join with modern, global and unique brands that leverage their innovative DNA… and apply their philosophy in eyewear”.

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